The time I zeroed my TBR and my feelings on it

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Sometime in 2017-18 I was able to zero my TBR, and then shortly after, I bought 30+ books. But I wanted to share the feelings of not having a TBR and the process of getting it that way.

I will say that I don’t have a large TBR. Generally, I have 20-40 unread books on me and most of them were bought together. So when I made the decision to zero my entire TBR, I have roughly around 35 books in my TBR.

So, let’s jump to some quick statistics:

I generally read 70 books a year. And I read about 4 books a month, which is a book a week. So, for me to have read of my TBR I would have to read ONLY my TBR books for 8 to 9 months.

However, I made the decision to zero my TBR in 6 months.

Which is, A) unrealistic, and B) highly anxiety inducing now that I think about it. And I made this decision was a way to combat my anxiety of having a TBR.

So, I did end up doing in about 6 months, but I didn’t read half the books I owned. A lot of the books that I had in my TBR were books that have been there for two or more years. So, immediately my response was to unhaul a lot of the books there. I unhauled books like Winterspell by Claire Legrand, but I also unhauled Children of Blood & Bone by Tomi Adeyemi because I was certain it was too big of a book for me to properly fit into my challenge.

*Side-eye Priory of the Orange Tree that I’m trying to read by the end of June even though I’m less than a 100 pages in*

Though I did unhaul a lot of books that didn’t interest me anymore, I did unhaul books that I didn’t think would fit time-wise. Apart from that, I DNF-ed a lot of books.

I switched by anxiety from one from to another. So instead of picking the books up in my TBR because I was interested, I ended up picking them up because I wanted to get rid of my TBR pile. So books like the entire Magnus Chase series by Rick Riordan weren’t given the rating that I would’ve given them if I read them when I wanted to. A lot of books did interest me either got lower ratings than normal or didn’t even end up getting finished because I felt pressure to read so much in such a short period of time.

I was able to zero my TBR in the end, but it wasn’t an entirely pleasant time. I kinda fucked myself up by setting that pressure for myself. I did learn that I REALLY can’t be forced to read. Actually, my 2017 Goodreads challenge shows that I only read 7 books that year.

Yeah… that was a complete failure.

But we are all better now. LOL

Anyways, those were my thoughts on my stupid decision from the past.

See you in the next post

K.W. & her TBR Cart

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