Book Unhaul, Problematic authors and changes in reading taste


So lately a lot of things have been happening in the word today. So, I’m just gonna sit over here and say two things before I can start talking about dumb book stuff.

  1. I encourage everyone to continue to educate themselves on the matters being discussed today. Please support the Black Lives Matter movement. Please support the LGTBQIA+ community, and specially Black members in that community. And please continue to self-evaluate and educate yourselves in these matters. Every life does not matter if Black lives don’t matter.
  2. I will linking right over here an instagram post and a website that will help you guys on both ways to support the movement and also ways to continue the bookish adventures while continuing to support the movement. (I will be adding links, twitter posts and instagram posts both here and at the end of every blog post.)

Let’s do better 🙂

This unhaul is fairly short but I wanted to use this time to discuss certain things. So here is the unhaul, and its little sections because… why not.

Genres/books I couldn’t get into it

I’m always looking forward to adding new genres to my reading circle. Lately, I realized that I’m getting picker in my reading. YA Contemporary is definitely not for me. Neither is domestic mystery thriller. I learned that I like things with a magical/paranormal element to it. As for The Hazel Wood, I just couldn’t get into the writing style.

Books I bought for no reason

I saw these books mentioned online and then found it on my local bookstore. However, now looking at it. I realized that I really don’t want to read it. It doesn’t interest me anymore and I would rather open space in my shelves and TBR cart.

Problematic Authors & Drama

There is a lot of here to discuss. First off, the classics. I don’t like Mark Twain and I think that even though it is a classic, I don’t need to support someone who uses very harmful languages. As much as I love classics, I do have a line in certain of them and Mark Twain is one of them. The Heart of Darkness is going because I’m not interested in it.

I also heard shady things about Wicked Saints. It was a total impulse buy so I don’t feel bad for getting rid of it.

Now, JKR… I liked the third book in this series and then I just couldn’t get through Goblet of Fire and ended up dnf-ing it 50% through. When I first bought them I wasn’t entirely aware of the problematic nature of JKR, and now that I am I no longer wish to support her or her work. I already heard/read some of the problematic elements in Harry Potter, but I always shrug it to the side given the time that it was written. But now I realize that, that’s not okay and that I do need to acknowledge and challenge the problematic aspects in the books that I read.

Anyways, most of these books I will probably sell to my local bookstore, except for any old copy that I have. I am still debating if I will be selling Harry Potter or just donating it to my local library. If I do sell it, I will have that money sent to an organization that support trans-people.

Do let me know your thoughts, and any tips that you have on how to better get rid of books.

Thank you for reading~


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