Books I plans To Read while hiding from the world this summer 2020

Hello my dear people,

2020 has proven to be a huge dumpster fire but at least we have books… I think.

Summer is here and I thought why not give you guys some of my summer reading plans while I self-isolate.

Since I won’t be working nor studying this summer I will end up having 100% free time to just bullshit about. Which means I will have time to read. A lot. And so, I made plans.

(My summer reading plans come in 3 parts because then I have 3 chances to fail).

1. Physical TBR

Currently, my physical TBR consists of around 30 books. A lot of them are heavy fantasy books. The other big chunk are classics. The actual rate in which I will be able to complete this is very, VERY low but I’m ready to see how it will end.

2. Kindle

I have very specific books I want to read because there is a movie/show adaptation up that I really want to read. And due to the current situation, the bookstore I normally go to is closed and the library is too. So, I am going to be getting these books on my kindle app. The two books in specific are: Little Fires Everywhere and The Handmaid’s Tale.

3. Re-reads

I have a set of books I hope to re-read. I want to re-read the books that got me started in my reading journey. Some of them I have given away, but I have others that are still with me. Hopefully I will be re-reading them and sharing my thoughts with you guys. Also, this is one big excuse for me to re-read Red, White & Royal Blue but that’s irrelevant.

This is my 3-part summer reading plan that I hope to achieve. It is heavily ambitious for someone who is probably going to get caught up watching Netflix, but we don’t need to be logical right now.

Tell me your guys reading plans and until the next post!


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