Review: Luna Nera

Length: 6 episodes long ( about hr long each)
Release Date: January 31, 2020
Streaming Network: Netflix
Language: Italian

Rating: 4 out of 5.


After being accused of witchcraft, Ade escapes with her brother to a sanctuary occupied by three witches. While trying to adjust to her new life, Ade meets Pietro, a young medical student and son of the town’s witch hunter. When witches start being hunted down, Ade must choose between her witch sisters and the love of her of life.


Did I – Did I just find the perfect witch show??? Hmmmm….

This show really got my expectations and raised it.

So, the story-line for Luna Nera is pretty straightforward. It has that Romeo & Juliet vibe with the star-crossed lovers, and also that dark fantasy vibe with the witches. But it was perfectly balanced and none of the plots overlapped each other. Though, I do think that the love aspects of the story – specifically between the two main characters – were underdeveloped. This could be because I am completely out of the whole “love at first sight” era, and it reminded me heavily of Romeo & Juliet if Shakespeare had included witches. Still, I really liked the progression of it and how it was somewhat realistic in depicting that things don’t happen as clean and nice as it does in fairy tales.

The way the characters were done was interesting because they didn’t spend a lot of time introducing and developing them. It was just “here are these characters” and it just felt natural to have them in the place that they are. I also really enjoyed the historical implication that witches were both men and women, but how women were more heavily prosecuted.

It was a very subtle build for the big climax – the last episode. In a way, I can see how it could’ve ended up being predictable mostly because certain characters were mentioned A LOT and it was very much “hint-hint-wink-wink”. But I don’t that it stopped the overall enjoyment of the story because all that build-up only makes the last episode even better. It really throws you into a loop, and none of the things revealed feel out of place or out of character, and I really enjoyed that.

My only grudge against this entire series is its soundtrack. The theme song (“Song of the Dust” by Black Casino and The Ghost) is totally on-par with the entire theme and aesthetic of this show. But the rest of them are just…

…for a lack of better words.

They are these 80’s songs that sounded so retro for a show that is Shakespeare with witches. I don’t really know how else to describe it. Like, I can list songs and artists that would make this show a 5 star, and I can assure none of them have a song called “The Boogeyman”. Because of the terrible choices in music, it really made it difficult to take certain parts seriously. Like, its a dark environment, witches are getting burned alive and like disco music is playing. It just doesn’t click.

Apart from the soundtrack, I highly recommend this show. And I want season 2 already.


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