Reading Plans for November

I’m out of my reading slump!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank Leigh Bardugo, and The Hobbit triology.

Hello guys!!!!

So now that I am getting out of my reading slumps I thought I would share my reading plans for November. There’s two readathons I want to participate in that’s happening this month, plus a couple of other books that I need to finish and start.

So let’s jump into it.

~ Books I need to finish ~

It by Stephen King

This is my 44 hour long audiobook that I am officially 1 hour in. *queue clown music*

I really wish I could sit here and say that I haven’t been in a mood to pick up a book that can be used a building block. But I am reading this as an audio book and instead of listening to it, I am listening to Khalid and being sad. So… *insert shrug emoji*

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

I’m reading this book so slow because this is like my favorite desert and I want to savor it.

With that said I do have to finish this before the last two weeks of November because 2 read-a-thons are going to be taking place and I have two other books that I want to read for that. Also I do plan on reviewing this book once I finish it.

~ Books I want to start ~

Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill

This is a graphic novel from the same author/artist who did the Tea Dragon Society. Even though, I haven’t read any of her work, I bought it and I want to read it. #impulsebuy

I tend to not really buy graphic novels but I want to give these a try and the art is really cute. Oh and it’s short, so compared to the other books I’ll be reading this month, I need it.

Siege & Storm by Leigh Bardugo

I just want some Nikolai honestly. Plus I want to review this book before it gets even more out of terms. Oh and I want to read King of Scars so I gotta get to it…

… I just want Nikolai

~ Read-a-thons ~


This read-a-thon is hosted my thoughtsontomes on Youtube and it is a 2 week long read-a-thon based entirely on reading books over 500 pages.

For this read-a-thon I plan on reading is The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss because it 500 pages and not the pultizer price book that I have on my currently reading shelf in Goodreads and I’m too ashamed to move it to my other shelves. #anotherimpulsebuy

BUZZWORD READ-A-THON Nov. 18 – Nov. 24

This read-a-thon is hosted by booksandlala on Youtube and this time the challenge is to read books that have numbers in the title.
So, for this read-a-thon I plan to read Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. If I have another book with numbers in the cover, I would pick it up but this is my first buzzword read-a-thon and I don’t want to stress myself out. Mostly because I am going to be reading heavy fantasy books and I don’t want to get burned-out again.

These are my reading plans for November. I hope to get to at least half of these books this month. I’m just over-excited to be in the mood to read again.

Anyways, let me know what you will be reading this month, and if you have any other suggestions for me to pick up.


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