The real reason for this post is that I want to rant about the books that I am reading to you. Why? Because I have no other thing to do today. So, I’m bringing you down to my Goodreads where I am attempting to read five books and not die. (Tbh, this is just a post about me complaining about not wanting to read the books I’m currently reading).

So like, I wanted to start the spooky times with some spooky manga like Death Note. BUT what I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t in the mood for manga.

Death Note is interesting but also slow. And I don’t know if I’m in the mood for a more fast-pace story line or if I’m just not really into a manga mood. But no matter what I have had this book in my currently-reading since September 24, and I have only read 80 out of 392 pages.

Bless up because this book will be only be finished next year at this rate.

I saw the Oliviareadsalatte Youtube video where she reads this exact book and I was immediately sold. I bought it, I put it in my TBR and when I finally picked it up, I found myself not interested.

It is a very good book when I pick up. The suspense is there from page one and it so creepy and fun. But I am an annoying person that is being picky and not knowing what I want to read.

I love to listen to Stephen King’s books as audiobooks. And since it is spooky season, what better book to pick up that IT.

The audio book is so good, and it is the perfect story for my drive to school, but it’s so long. However, I tend to only listen to my audio book on my car rides because I listen to podcasts and music.

So I love this book, and its the perfect spooky book but to say what I said before, I don’t know what I’m in the mood for.

This is a re-read. Not for a review. But because this book is a comfort book for me. This is the only book that I have been reading continuously but that’s because I will always be available for my president.

If you haven’t read it, you should. And if you have, tell me your thoughts.

I really have nothing to add on this book in particular since its my favorite book of 2019 and maybe one of my favorite books of all time.

So story time.

I went to Barnes & Nobles during a dark time in my life, and since I lack self-control and cope with my anxiety via bankruptcy, I bought this book.

No, I don’t know anything about it. No, I don’t understand half the words in the book. And yes, I have read it. 10 pages of it.
When will I pick it up again? Who knows. It terrifies me and I can kill someone with how thick it is.

I will eventually finish all of them and eventually have them posted in a wrap up. But today is not that day. Today is the day where I tell you about how I’m reading 5 different books, but technically I’m binge watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Reading slump reading came in this month, so like… loving that.

Anyways, tell me what you’re currently reading, enjoying, so on and so forth. And I’ll see you in the next post.


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