TV series to watch this spooky season

Hello guys!

So much like everyone else, I heavily enjoy binge watching TV series And since fall is upon us, I decided why not bring in some of my all time favorite series to you guys.

Without further ado, onward to the TV Series to watch!


Bates Motel

I can sit here and rant on and on about how twisted this TV series it, but it will never give it credit. But to summarize:

This series follow the twisted relationship of mother Norma Bates and her son, Norman Bates as they buy a motel in the middle of nowhere as a way to restart their lives. However, things turn terribly wrong when they end up killing the former landlord of the motel, and attempt to hide the body.

This is a 5 to 6 season long series and it is worth every second of it. Not only is the story line intriguing, it never fails to impress and captive the watcher, and don’t even try to theorize anything: you’re probably going to be wrong.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Jumping into a less murder tone, but a lot more devilish: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

This series takes place across the river from Riverdale, and it is based on the Black Horse comic books. Sabrina, who is half-witch half-mortal, must choose which path she will follow on the day of her Dark Baptism. However, things get complicated when Sabrina decides to break the rules and make her own in an attempt to keep both her witch and her human friends.

Is this the best acted, the best-written series ever? No. However, it is highly enjoyable and easy to binge. This series is dark and magical, with twists and turn and a lot of witchcraft.

Also, Salem.


Buzzfeed Unsolved

My two remaining brain cells.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if two friends attempted to find a ghost? Well, you don’t have to anymore.

Buzzfeed Unsolved is nothing more than chaotic on a good day. Ryan and Shane are the two hosts of the show who decide that will chase every ghost, demon and conspiracy out there. From talking about the Men In Black, from going to the Winchester Mansion with a bottle of holy water, Buzzfeed Unsolved is the perfect mix of humor and terror.

I love watching them… at night… by myself… like a smart person.

This is so funny and even if some things are questionable, I stay for the humor.

The Haunting of Hill House

This show is the reason I fear everything and everyone.

A perfectly written, perfectly filmed series, The Haunting of Hill House is both terrifying and intriguing.

This series follow five estranged siblings as they are forced together when one of them goes missing. Now, forced to face their secrets and nightmares relating to their childhood, The Haunting of Hill House tells the story of a house, five siblings, and a horror filled childhood.

I’m literally terrified for my life due to this show. Go watch it.

Those are my favorite spooky series for you guys! I will be adding two more parts to this. One recommending podcasts, and another recommending movies. So stay tune.

But I hope you get spooked this fall.


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